My daughter had a problem with squeaky brakes on her E93 328I BMW. I went to the local BMW dealership and talked with the manager of the service department. He said all BMW's brakes squeal and there was nothing that could be done. I talked with the people at EPIC and was told their pads would solve the problem. They assured me that their pads were of a superior composition and would not squeak or squeal, and an added bonus was that they are the cleanest pads in the marketplace. They were absolutely truthful. Her brakes do not squeak and squeal, and she does not have to wash her car frequently because there is no visible brake pad dust on the wheels. Our expectations were surpassed ,and I would highly recommend EPIC to everyone.

Joe Piazza

I was in need of brake pads for my Lexus ES330. I decided to try Epic, since I had heard such good things about their products. I was delighted by the quietness of the pads and the fact that they do not produce noticeable brake dust. The performance of the pads was excellent. I prefer Epic to the OEM product because of price and performance. The personnel at Epic were extremely helpful and delivered their product immediately. I will use Epic products on all my automobiles.

Joe D.

I bought pads for my wife’s 2011 Mercedes ML350 after having bad luck with several brand pads. The EPIC pads keep the wheels clean, stop quietly and are very smooth. I am very happy and will be buying a set for my car.

Dr. J. Kim

I replaced the OE pads on my Mercedes S550 with EPIC product. They have excellent braking performance and dust so little I can’t believe it. Well done!

Raymond N.

Bought pads for an SRT8. VERY happy. Have not had to clean wheels for a while.

Michael W.

Installed on BMW 335is, replacing high performance street pads. The EPIC pads have better modulation, are much quieter and do not hardly dust. Would recommend for any car.