Clean. Quiet. Performance. EPIC believes these are the premier characteristics of a complete friction pad product and therefore are the focus of our technology directives.


We believe our pad is the closest to dust free as any pad can be described.  Our pads can reduce dust by up to 90% in many applications.   Brake dust make-up is mostly ferrous material (iron and steel) from brake rotor surfaces. EPIC synthetic fiber and semi-metallic compounds reduce rotor abrasion while maintaining excellent heat control properties for which metallic additives were implemented to improve.  The minute dusting from the actual friction is also less likely to stick to wheel surfaces, due to a purpose engineered synthetic fiber and ceramic matrix.

Cleanliness after driving 500 miles with Epic Friction Pads


Cleanliness after driving 500 miles with the competition:



NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) is an SAE subject of standardized process because it can substantially deteriorate the quality and experience of driving. We believe our pad is as close to silent as any pad can be described. Our pads produce fewer stops with any measurable noise than the competition, as well as a lower volume event when induced.

The first feature of the EPIC pad that contributes to such quiet operation is the compound. The non-ferrous and ceramic matrix emits frequencies not detectable by the human ear.

Secondly, application dependent chamfers and slots can help eliminate noise. Chamfers along the pad face prevent dragging by the portions of the pad not supported by the caliper piston. Dragging of the edges of the pad produce noise and deposits detrimental to performance, seating and wear. Slotting can prevent cracking of the pad surface, which also causes noise from dragging, deposits and corrosion from the elements.

Thirdly, patented insulator technology features locking tabs that allow the shim to ‘shadow’ the backing plate and essentially ramify vibrations to the connecting points, absorbing noise. This design fully covers the caliper to pad contact without the use of glue or bonding agent than can deteriorate over time.

Lastly, each EPIC brake pad set includes SILARAMIC® Lubricant, a pure silicone dry-film lubricant fortified with a high concentration of a unique ceramic and designed to reduce brake noise and vibrations by dampening all brake vibrating frequencies. This lubricant is effective from -50 degrees F to over 3000 degrees F.



EPIC brake pads have tremendous stopping power, but brake pad performance in an extended use environment encompasses high levels of effectiveness in areas such as temperature extremes (cold bite and fade), compressibility, heat control and wear. There are many features of EPIC pads that contribute to their balanced and consistent performance.

EPIC Friction’s synthetic fiber and semi-metallic matrix offers a performance friction coefficient for all environments, but without the noise, dusting and increased wear of most performance street compounds.

EPIC pad surfaces are diamond ground for flatness and quick seating. Our slots allow for surface material and gas expulsion, as well as relieve stress to eliminate cracking.

It is important for a pad to be hard enough to provide a positive pedal feel, maximize wear and withstand extreme braking pressures, while also being elastic enough to conform to variable braking surfaces under changing environmental conditions. Compressibility is the factor that instills confidence in the driver by providing consistency in feel and performance. EPIC pads have a consistent compressibility throughout the pad.

EPIC brake pads are engineered to wear not only longer than other performance street pads in the market, but also OE and non-performance replacement pads. The hybrid graphite/ceramic/semi-metallic compound is stable across the temperature range and offers the excellent wear rates of a top quality semi-met, but without the noise and dusting results.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

EPIC will warranty products to be free of defects from materials and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to faulty installation, damage caused by negligence, normal wear, lack of maintenance (maintaining flat rotor surface, keeping fluid off braking surface, caliper dysfunction from worn seals or old fluid) or misuse. EPIC does not make any other warranty claims, expressed or implied. In no event will EPIC be liable for incident or consequential damages of any kind, whether such damages are claimed on account of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, or strict product liability. This includes, without limitation, property damage or other economic losses that may be incurred.

All warranty claims must be processed through EPIC Friction and will be replaced/reimbursed with EPIC pads of equal or greater value. Contact EPIC at (205) 417-8060 or