EPIC Friction is proud to Introduce our performance daily use brake pad for enthusiasts and all their vehicles.


EPIC Friction’s synthetic fiber compounds provide a quicker, quieter and more consistent stop, as well as the lowest dust production in the marketplace. Enjoy unrivaled braking performance and look better doing it. 

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We believe our pad is the closest to dust free as any pad can be described. Our pads can reduce dust by up to 90% in many applications. Brake dust make-up is mostly ferrous material (iron and steel) from brake rotor surfaces. EPIC synthetic fiber and semi-metallic compounds reduce rotor abrasion while maintaining excellent heat control properties for which metallic additives were implemented to improve. Read More


 NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) is an SAE subject of standardized process because it can substantially deteriorate the quality and experience of driving. Our pads produce fewer stops with any measurable noise than the competition, as well as a lower volume event when induced. The first feature of the EPIC pad that contributes to such quiet operation is the compound - emitting frequencies not detectable by the human ear. Read More


EPIC brake pads have tremendous stopping power, but brake pad performance in an extended use environment encompasses high l evels of effectiveness in areas such as temperature extremes (cold bite and fade), compressibility, heat control and wear. There are many features of EPIC pads that contribute to their balanced and consistent performance. EPIC pad surfaces are diamond ground for flatness and quick seating.. Read More

  • *100% North American Made
  • Superior fade resistance
  • Surface friendly for maximized rotor life
  • Patented floating shim technology
  • Chamfers along the pad face prevent dragging, eliminating noise and deposits
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